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Dec-Tec Dec-Tec Solutions SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST deck PROTECTION. Dec-Tec provides all weather, slip resistant pvc membranes for decks, balconies, boathouses, walkways and stairs. This low maintenance decking option is anti-slip, waterproof, fire resistant and all weather ready. Dec-Tec is the best choice in waterproof, walkable deck surface solutions.

Walkable and Waterproof: Flat Roof Decks - Duradek light commercial projects, walkable decks finished with heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride (pvc) thermoplastic waterproofing membranes have been used successfully in Canada for several decades, and are now growing in popularity in the. United States. However, these systems are not without their limitations, and design professionals must understand the installation considerations. Problems with deck waterproofing. Often built with a wood or concrete substrate, pedestrian roof decks 

Membrane Waterproofing Systems - Hyload HYLOAD's Membrane waterproofing Systems include Hyproof and LAM which are compatible with Through-Wall Masonry Flashing and Roofing systems. Hyload Membrane waterproofing Systems are the ultimate solution for any below-grade, above-grade or plaza deck waterproofing project. The unique properties of our systems Hyproof and LAM (Liquid Applied (CTEM) waterproofing membrane. Its primary components are coal tar pitch, pvc, and DuPont? Elvaloy? KEE resin.

IntelliDeck Waterproof Deck Membranes - IntelliDeck 5 Dec 2017 Proven in Canada. By its very nature, Intellideck is waterproof. It is a single .060”x 72” homogeneous piece of high performance pvc membrane. In fact, Intellideck traces its heritage as a solution to cover and waterproof decks over living spaces in the wet climate of Western Canada. Click Here. Water Drop 

Using PVC Roofing for Flat Roof Deck Waterproofing – PVC Roofing However, if a roof deck is not properly waterproofed, it can be a source of leaks and headaches. To have a truly enjoyable experience and many years of leak-free service from your roof deck, it is important to choose your deck material wisely. One of the best choices for flat roof decks is pvc roofing material, which is proven to be completely watertight, durable and long-lasting. Roof decks are typically constructed so that a layer of waterproofing material is sandwiched between the roof 

PVC Vs. Hard Wood Deck Material Dec-Tec Solutions Which is a Better Waterproof decking Option? For builders living in rainy, wet or coastal climates, deck waterproofing is an important consideration. A pvc deck membrane is naturally a waterproof material and offers buyers in these climates an ideal solution for their decks. Without heavy maintenance and sealing, natural hardwood can fall short when it comes to waterproofing, falling susceptible to problems such as rot and warping.

How to install Vinyl Decking Membrane Weatherdek Installation. Weatherdek pvc membranes are specifically designed for use as waterproof walking surfaces on decks, patios, roof decks or wherever an attractive durable waterproof surface is required. The fact that these products serve as waterproofing materials makes the installation extremely important. Weatherdek membranes must be installed with waterproofing and roofing procedures in mind, and only by fully qualified Weatherdek Applicators. The Weatherdek system of proven 

Dec-k-ing - waterproofing for decks Viking Roofspec Viking dec-k-ing waterproofing pvc membrane enhances your outdoor living space, providing a robust, waterproof underfoot finish for your deck.

Tuff Clad PVC Waterproof Deck Flashing by Tufdek Tufdek? vinyl deck membranes are designed to waterproof your deck but what about the rest of the deck waterproofing system? When creating our Tufdek deck waterproofing system, we needed something beyond the standard (and poorly designed) pvc clip that is currently used throughout the vinyl decking industry. Our research showed that most deck edge terminations would not last the lifespan of our Tufdek vinyl decking and did not provide the deck waterproofing protection we 

Viking Roofspec Dec-K-ing (PVC) Waterproofing Membrane Product Description. Dec-K-ing is a single-ply, trafficable, waterproofing pvc sheet membrane system for deck surfaces (suitable for decks above living areas). It is an aesthetic, all-inclusive finished waterproofing solution. The sheets of this membrane are heat-welded with 25mm lapped seams. Dec-K-ing has an embossed, slip-resistant surface that also provides underfoot comfort, and has a propensity to take a lot longer to heat-up than other deck surfaces. The embossed surface