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North Korea sent chemical weapons materials to Syria: reports 28 Feb 2018 U.N. investigators said in October that Assad's forces were behind a sarin gas attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhun in western syria that killed 87 people in April last year. President Trump ordered a strike on the airfield from where the attack was launched in retaliation. More: Sarin gas, suspected in syria, is an 'off switch' for the body. More: syria timeline: Latest chemical attack is far from first. On Wednesday, Robert wood, the U.S. ambassador to the 

Ceasefire in southern Syria appears to be largely holding - The 9 Jul 2017 The syrian government announced a unilateral ceasefire in the area last week to bolster peace talks in the Kazakh capital, Astana, and extended it until Saturday. But rebel fighters accused the government of violating that ceasefire with air strikes and artillery attacks. Damascus has yet to comment on the new US-Russian-Jordanian agreement that went into effect on Sunday. The open-ended ceasefire between the syrian government and its allies and rebel forces is 

Forestry in Syria - Wikipedia Forest resources in syria are in need of study and conservation. The wooded area of the country is variously reported as approximately 190,000 hectares (1.0 percent) or 450,000 hectares (2.4 percent). The principal woodland trees are Pinus brutia, the Turkish pine; Abies cilicica, the Cilician fir; Cedrus libani, the cedar of Lebanon; Cupressus sempervirens, the Mediterranean cypress; Pinus halepensis, the Aleppo pine; Quercus coccifera, the kermes oak; Quercus calliprinos, the 

In Syria we're not sure who we're backing, or who we're bombing 24 Sep 2016 The bloody stalemate went on until last weekend, when there was a development so unlikely that Isis might have considered it a miracle. It was an The government may already have retaken the mountain — the situation is unclear at the time of writing — but the bombing has exposed the confusion at the heart of America's syria policy. Paul wood spent four years covering syria's civil war for the BBC and is a fellow at the New America foundation in Washington.

Author: Paul Wood The Spectator Special counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Paul Manafort – and Trump should be worried · Paul wood 4 November 2017 9:00 am. Special counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Paul Manafort – and Trump. 'Is everything OK with your meal? Your child isn't running wild in 

Could the conflict in Syria lead to world war three? The Spectator 8 Oct 2016 The bombing has escalated now, because the regime has begun an offensive to retake Aleppo, the last city the armed rebels hold anywhere in the country. syria's Guernica has produced one of the war's iconic images of suffering, five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, sitting in an ambulance, dazed and bloodied, white from masonry dust. . Paul wood spent four years covering syria's civil war for the BBC and is a fellow at the New America foundation in Washington.

What is Putin's endgame in Syria? The Spectator 3 Mar 2018 Only last month, more than 200 Russian military contractors — mercenaries — were reported to have been killed in fighting in eastern syria. Add to Then there is the money spent: the Kremlin initially estimated the syrian intervention would cost $1.2 billion, but as of July last year that was heading towards $2.5 billion. On The Spectator Podcast, Paul wood and Johnny Mercer discuss Russia's involvement in the syrian conflict – and whether Britain should do more:.

Syria: Homs under 'heaviest' shelling yet - BBC News 8 Feb 2012 syrian opposition groups say the city of Homs has come under the heaviest shelling in days, despite the president's pledge to engage in dialogue. 'You have to be lucky'. The BBC's Paul wood, reporting from the outskirts of Homs with rebel fighters, says most people in the hardest hit areas of the city are huddled indoors, too terrified to venture outside. last week Russia and China vetoed a UN resolution that backed a new Arab League plan for syria. The plan 

Putin running out of options in Syria - CNN - CNN 10 Apr 2017 Andrew wood is a former British ambassador to Moscow. His is an associate fellow of Chatham House's Russia and Eurasia program. The opinions in this article belong to the author. (CNN) Russian President Vladimir Putin's hopes of a good relationship with Donald Trump had been fading for some time. But Trump's airstrike last week on a syrian airbase, followed by tough from his top diplomats regarding Russia's support of the syrian regime, suggests 

Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria's 'heart-eating cannibal' - BBC 5 Jul 2013 It sounded like the most far-fetched propaganda claim - a syrian rebel commander who cut out the heart of a fallen enemy soldier, and ate it before a cheering crowd of his men. The story turned out to be true in its most important aspect - a ritual demonstration of cannibalism - though when I met the commander, Abu Sakkar, in syria last week, he seemed hazy on the details. "I really don't remember," he says, when I ask if it was the man's heart, as reported at the time, 

2015 World Wood Day - Regional Event in Syria on Vimeo 9 Aug 2015 Damascus, syria and its people are known for the long history of art and craftsmanship, particularly the furniture and cabinetry. The syrian carpenters have a rich tradition of making ornate, pieces of furniture, cabinets, decorative boxes and doors, carved and hand painted designs and motifs, and the combination of different woods which known as the mosaic wood. syrian furniture is popular throughout the world, not only because these wooden treasures are unique 

The mess in Syria is putting America's credibility on the line The 27 Jan 2018 The mess in syria is putting America's credibility on the line. A day of reckoning is coming for muddled Middle East policies. Paul wood. A Turkish tank near the syrian border as part of the operation "Olive Branch" (image: Getty). Paul wood So the Turks were incensed last week when the US army announced that a 30,000-strong syrian border force would be created out of the Kurdish militias. Trump did look at the options for arming the Kurds in January last year.

Levison Wood says there are great nightclubs in Syria Daily Mail 21 Feb 2018 British explorer Levison wood recently returned from one of the world's most dangerous holidays - travelling through Yemen, syria, Iraq and Lebanon. He claims 'There are great nightclubs in syria': Explorer reveals how it's possible to have a good time in the world's most dangerous countries. Explorer . He will be recounting his latest journey in a book provisionally entitled An Arabian Journey, which is set to be published by Hodder & Stoughton in autumn 2018.

Syria's traditional oud-making on the decline - The National 7 Aug 2017 Antoun Tawil, one of syria's last traditional lute makers, waits in vain in his Damascus workshop for orders of the oud, an instrument his country was once renowned for producing. The civil war that has ravaged syria over the past six years has devastated many of its historic crafts but production of this oriental lute has been hit harder than most. Lute-makers have emigrated in large numbers and the Damascene wood used to build the instrument is also now hard to find 

How US may be facing wider conflict with pro-government forces in 26 Jun 2017 Meanwhile, pro-government troops have also moved more aggressively against the US-backed syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern syria, despite previously avoiding conflict with the Kurdish-led alliance. On Sunday last week, Washington said syrian jets had dropped bombs near SDF positions, prompting a US F/A-18E Super Hornet to then shoot down a syrian government jet. Russia, an Assad ally, responded by threatening to treat US aircraft operating west