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Fabric Wall Panels - DFB Sales 13 Jul 2016 Fabric wall panels. Fabricate a remarkable environment with fabric wall panels. Mix and match our diverse line of cost-effective systems to design the solution that's right for you. DFB will install custom fabric wall panels to bring your vision to life. Fully trained installation technicians ensure efficiency and quality. DFB makes every attempt to find and utilize the most innovative and sustainable products available. We also apply our sustainability practices to our 

Soundwave? Swell, Acoustic panel Offecct Soundwave? Swell, Acoustic panel on Offecct Moulded polyester fibre, anthracite, grey, offwhite alt. covered in Europost by Gabriel. at the same time. Soundwave? Swell Diffuser provides sound diffusion rather than absorption. Correctly positioned, the diffuser panels will improve speech intelligibility and even improve privacy in open spaces as the speaker does not need to talk loudly in order to be heard. Find a dealer · View cases with Soundwave?. Want to buy Soundwave??

Soundwave Swell - Acoustic wall panel - Tecnise Designed to be used as lightweight sound absorber in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above). These panels help reduce disturbing reflections of environmental sounds. Soundwave Swell are available as a Swan-labelled alternative.Dimensions : 58,5 cm x 58,5 cm - Thickness : 8 cm.

Swell - DFB Sales 1 Jun 2017 panels can be run vertically or horizontally, wall to wall and ceiling to floor. End cap are available if the end of the SWELL panel is exposed. SWELL is designed for an efficient installation, most of the fabrication of your final design is completed in our shop and ready to install. As the manufacturer and installer of a variety of wall-upholstery systems, DFB is committed to delivering products of the highest quality in the most sustainable way. We live up to this commitment