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How to maintain and caulk teak decks on boats. HOW TO MAINTAIN AND CAULK teak deckS. By Andina Foster, techyandina. Based on 12 years experience maintaining a 71 foot by 20 foot beam classic BoatPict.jpg - 12711 Bytes yacht with teak decks, built in 1966. This is empirical advise which should be modified where circumstances dictate and the author accepts no responsibility for nuthin. The techniques for caulking teak decks are entirely different for new construction as opposed to maintaining a teak deck.

Teak Deck Maintenance using Boracol - Sailing Britican 20 Oct 2016 After enquiring about the cost of replacing our teak deck (just out of curiosity), I first had to pick myself off the floor and then I became very eager to make sure we had a teak deck maintenance system in place. For our 56' sailboat with full teak decking the replacement cost to remove, prepare and relay new teak came to around the $95,000 mark. I was told it's cheaper to get a new teak deck in Thailand but I wonder just how much cheaper it would be?! I also pondered 

Teak Deck Company - Teak decking, furniture and teak teak deck Company – teak decks, maintenance, Flooring & Furniture. teak deck Company ? fabricates and sells ready to install teak decking and flooring products for boat manufacturers, boat owners and professional contractors. We install teak decks in the United States and on mega-yacht decks worldwide. In business since 1996, teak deck Company is the second largest teak deck manufacturer in the USA. All our teak decking panels are of very high quality; a result of years of 

Teak decking maintenance for yacht crew - Yachting Pages If you are superyacht crew and are you looking for tips and advice on yacht teak decking maintenance? Read this article for advice from leading industry experts.

The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner 1 Mar 2016 To keep your deck clean there is only one way, and that is a gentle wash with nothing more violent than a light detergent and a large sponge or very soft brush. If you do this regularly you will not wear down the teak, but you will wash off the dirt before it gets ingrained. Dirt contributes to the wear of a teak deck. If this approach doesn't work then you can try oxalic acid. Dissolve some crystals in warm water, do not breathe the vapours and make sure you wear gloves.

Caring For Your Teak Decking – Marine AGlaze Cleaning teak decks must be done in the correct way to avoid harm. Excess scrubbing and the use of power washes will remove the teaks natural oils which will reduce the life. Our new teakcare system will keep your decks looking great during the boating season. To maintain the finish use our teak Sealer for lasting colour. In warm climates you can expect up to 6 months before colour deterioration commences. These pictures show a boat in Australia that has been using our teak 

Synthetic Teak Boat Decking Maintenance General Care & maintenance. One of the many advantages of choosing a synthetic teak deck is that it is easy to maintain. is made using Ultra Violet stabilised, outdoor grade PVC, unlike real teak it will not fade, crack, warp or need a rigorous maintenance regime to keep it looking good season after season. Below are some simple Do's and Don'ts which will help you to keep your new synthetic teak flooring looking at its best. Read our teak boat decking 

Teak Deck Maintenance ? ACS Limited teak deck maintenance. The teak deck should be part of your boats character. However after a few weeks the teak will turn greyish. A smooth silvery grey deck is probably what most people like to see but the reality is often something quite different! For some years we have had enquiries for Boracol 10Rh from yacht owners across the world, especially from Hallberg Rassy owners with teak decks. They've said that HR recommend Boracol 10Rh for controlling moulds on teak decks 

The Care and Feeding of Teak Decks - boats 16 Apr 2014 Although it's a potentially durable material for marine use, the teak used in decking can quickly deteriorate if not cared for correctly, leaving the owner with a significant bill for repair or replacement. Don't underestimate this; a new teak deck for a 40-foot boat will cost upwards of $30,000 (and it's a bill that all too frequently comes as an unpleasant surprise to the owner). The biggest problem is that the gorgeous scrubbed look that we all see on photos of superyachts 

How to: Clean your teak deck - YouTube 7 Apr 2016 In the first of a new 12-part series on boat maintenance Nick Burnham demonstrates the best way to clean your boat's teak decks. Motor Boat & yachting's How

TEAK DECK MAINTENANCE - Sika Australia Sika teak Cleaner. - Sika teak Brightener. - Sika teak Oil. These products have been developed to maintain a perfect compatibility of a teak deck which has been bonded and sealed with. Sika products. Product benefits: - Quick and easy to use. - No raise of the wood grain. - Good UV protection through the. Sika teak Oil. - Improves resistance against mildew growth. Areas of Application: The products are used to clean, refresh and protect a teak deck on boats, ships and yachts.

Teak Deck Repair & Refurbishment - Drax Marine Dubai Due to its durability, natural water-resistant qualities and striking wood grain, teak has historically been used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture, boat decks, and other carpentry goods, which are exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Maintaining the appearance and condition of decking requires regular maintenance to avoid greying. Drax offers a complete range of teak maintenance and restoration services.

Teak Deck Care & Repair -- Bill Adams, Free State Yachts teak deck Care & Repair -- Bill Adams, Free State yachts The secret of teak decks and their proper care often is requested. Free State yachts (FSY) even holds classes at the Chesapeake Rendezvous now to explain proper care and maintenance to owners. With light to moderate carpentry skills owners can do teak deck repairs, a full deck replacement is another story. Some general comments first: Our focus is on Hallberg-Rassy yachts. One should never use or own any kind of deck