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mirror pattern light weight composite panel

Panolite, lightweight composite panels PANOLITE? is a lightweight composite panel made of two surface board layers and a recycled honeycomb cardboard core. PANOLITE supplies lightweight honeycomb panels for use in commercial, architectural, institutional and residential design applications.

Diamond System - Chelsea Artisans The Diamond System is a renowned and unique range of patented products that set the standard for impact resistance and safety using annealed glass. Tested to withstand the severest impact and resist explosive blast, Diamond System products also enhance the versatility of glass and provide designers and architects with greater scope to explore new applications. A lightweight system that is one-third lighter than conventional glass which is easy to handle and install.

Vitrabond Aluminium Cladding Panels Valcan Ltd A lightweight facade cladding suitable for all building and construction projects. A lightweight METAL composite CLADDING panel, IDEAL FOR EXTERNAL FA?ADES, FASCIA, RAINSCREEN CLADDING& SUN BLADES VITRABOND/ZN – Zinc composite Material (ZCM); VITRABOND/CU – Copper composite Material (CCM); VITRABOND/SS – Stainless Steel composite Material (SSCM); VITRABOND/EZ – Ersatze pattern finished aluminium to imitate a variety of natural 

Bencore? composite panels - PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic composite panels of Bencore ? are popular in the architecture- and design world for aesthetic applications. The panels are light weight and translucent. Bencore? composite panels. lightweightVarious designsCustom madeEasy to apply. Materials Applications Frequently Asked Questions Inspiration The Bencore? types Starlight, lightben, Hexaben, Ecoben, mirror and Pyracoustic are in a limited quantity on stock. Visit the official website of Bencore? for more information about 

Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers - China Marble Coating Aluminum Plastic Sandwich Wall Cladding panel/ACP. Alcadex? marble pattern, instead of traditional nature stone, with light weight, easy installation and vivid visual effect , providing 20 years exterior usage guarantee and meets different architectural requirements. Structure Protective film to protect panel surface PE/PVDFRead More · Interior Use High Reflective Silver mirror Surface Acp Sheet. Contact Now 

Alcadex - home Recent fire related incidents in Australia and the Middle East led to the creation of the most advanced aluminium composite material (ACM) in the world. The Australian building industry has been searching for a solution which allows for an ACM to be fully rated as non-combustible as tested to Australian Standard AS 1530.1. In collaboration with CSP Architectural and SGI Architectural Alcadex have formulated a core compound that combines inorganic and organic materials that is 

Technical Manual Excerpt - Alpolic ALPOLIC? is an Aluminum composite Material (ACM) for the construction industry worldwide. It is not only a reasonable alternative to solid aluminum sheet, but also an individual material characterized by its own unique features. Its lightweight, high rigidity, excellent flatness and long lasting coating qualities are just what the construction industry has been looking for. ALPOLIC?/fr is a fire-rated ACM which has an improved core, and meets the fire-safety requirements for external.

Vitrabond Cladding Aluminium Composite Panels Fairview For low maintenance, cost effective & aesthetic solutions, browse Fairview now! A lightweight METAL composite CLADDING panel, IDEAL FOR EXTERNAL FA?ADES, FASCIAE, & SUN BLADES VITRABOND/ZN – Zinc composite Material (ZCM); VITRABOND/CU – Copper composite Material (CCM); VITRABOND/SS – Stainless Steel composite Material (SSCM); VITRABOND/EZ – Ersatze pattern finished aluminium to imitate a variety of natural metals at a fraction of the 

Globond - GLOBOND Aluminum Composite Panels GLOBOND GLOBOND is the aluminum composite panel factory in china since 1998.we produce high quality Nano PVDF panels. Fireproof composite panels .Signage panels. The stainless steel could be mat or mirror color. the pattern can be hairline finished or dull finished. 30 years ~ 50 years warranty is available . The aluminium composite panels are available in any type of fireproof.aluminum composite panels are have light weight and easy to processing. Integrate the colorful 

ALPOLIC? and ALPOLIC?/fr weight. Thermal expansion. Thermal conductivity. Deflection temperature. Tensile strength. 0.2% proof stress. Elongation. Flexural elasticity, E. Physical properties. Mechanical properties of composite material. Sound Transmission Loss. Metal thickness Compared with solid aluminum panels, ALPOLIC?/fr is lightweight, rigid and flat. The We are ready to provide maximum service upon choosing among the widest range of colors, gloss, and patterns available and withstands to.

Bencore - Surface Matter Transparent honeycomb composite design panels for interior architectural applications like wall panels, backlit partitions, floors and ceilings. Starlight is lightweight, strong and translucent with a unique tessellating star pattern. Kaos combines three different sizes of tubes to create special light effects in different colours; Kaos 3D Black uses glossy black cores that undulate light as your point of focus moves across the panel and is now available in Bencore's new mirror Collection.

Advanced Composite Material - FAA of fiberglass are lower cost than other composite materials, chemical or galvanic corrosion resistance, and electrical properties (fiberglass does not conduct electricity). Fiberglass has a white color and is available as a dry fiber fabric or prepreg material. Kevlar?. Kevlar? is DuPont's name for aramid fibers. Aramid fibers are light weight, strong, and tough. Two types of Aramid fiber are used in the aviation industry. Kevlar? 49 has a high stiffness and Kevlar? 29 has a low stiffness.

Trade Assurance Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel - Cladding Anti-Static, antibacterial, corrosion Resisting, fire Protection, high temperature resistance, light weight,flat surface and high strength, various uniform colors, fit for various designs. JY-6046-7 Golden & Silver mirror. JY-6046 Silver mirror. JY-6047 Golden mirror. 3 Item(s). mirror aluminum composite panel structure is essentially composed of three layers which together along with a covering of highly pressurized mirror like paint (PE or PVDF) combine to form a flat panel that represent art 

Vitrabond - RCM Roofing and Cladding Materials LtdRCM Roofing In addition to an unlimited colour range, Vitrabond is also available in a range of special finishes including Zinc composite Material, Copper composite Material, Stainless Steel composite Material and Ersatze pattern finished aluminium to imitate a variety of natural metals (at a fraction of the cost). Fire rated option of EN 13501-1 class A2-s1, d0; Cost effective; lightweight; Robust durability and strength; Fully recyclable; Low maintenance; Integrates with other RCM products