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NuTeak Synthetic Marine Teak Decking Why Nuteak? NuTeak There's a reason why the rich look of teak is so sought after by boat owners. Its unique look and feel set your boat apart. But the labor and expensive maintenance required to keep real teak looking its best has sent more than one boat owner scrambling for alternatives. With Nuteak, the solution is finally here. Nuteak offers the beauty of real teak combined with the durability of a high-quality synthetic deck. No more expensive maintenance. No concerns about fake-looking alternatives.

Swimming Pool in Sydney gets Synthetic Teak Decking This beautiful home here in Sydney was getting a new swimming pool installed, and were after a teak deck. A real teak deck however was going to be exceptionally expensive, so the owners went looking for another solution. That is when they came across us, and our Nuteak synthetic teak deck solution. After coming over to inspect a product sample, the owners made the decision that synthetic teak was the way to go, and went ahead with getting Nuteak installed all around the new 

The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner 1 Mar 2016 Bad enough if you're doing it yourself, but it's unbelievable if you're paying a yard. Specialist tools exist but they are hideously expensive and it's only the specialist yards that are likely to have them. Unfortunately the yard will be charging by the hour and there's always a lot of work on any teak deck. So what are the options now that your deck is worn out? You can't just remove it, because underneath it will be horrid. If it was laid properly in the first place they will have 

Synthetic Teak - Air-Sea Safety & Survival When it comes to giving your boat that touch of elegance and luxury, nothing beats the look of teak decking. Unfortunately, costly and laborious maintenance along with routine upkeep make real teak wood flooring both expensive and difficult to care for. That's why boat owners in the know choose Nuteak. No other synthetic marine decking product can match Nuteak for creating the rich look and feel of real teak. The beautiful color and comfortable, no-slip surface is famous for its 

NuTeak Synthetic Marine Teak Decking Easy Installation NuTeak flexible marine teak flooring Nuteak's innovative strip-based design means that no matter how complicated—or curvy—the space, you can still enjoy the beautiful look and durability of quality synthetic teak decking on your boat. Flexible and Nuteak's professional and experienced installation team can quickly and easily install a deck that does just that, giving you the expensive and beautiful look of bow-to-stern teak decking with none of the problems in maintenance or durability.

Synthetic Teak Test - Practical Sailor Print Edition Article 11 Nov 2012 teak is classified as a "heavy" hardwood with a density of approx 930kg/m3. It shows exceptional grain strength and stiffness, along with excellent wear and durability characteristics. And it looks great. Natural teak decking isn't without its downsides, though. From an environmental standpoint, natural teak comes from forests that are in real danger of depletion. This factor, re gardless of how you feel about environmental issues, makes teak an expensive material.

Integrated Marine Systems Marine Flooring synthetic teak Decking: For the true yacht look on your exterior deck, synthetic teak decking is the perfect choice. This material is PVC based and gives you the look and feel of real teak wood without the annoying and expensive maintenance. IMS is proud to represent the best in this category, PlasDECK. With its excellent UV resistance, PlasDECK won't change color, fade or deteriorate from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It's inherent plasticizers and UV inhibitors keep it looking new.

Why Choose Synthetic Over Traditional Teak Boat Decking? More cost effective – Real teak boat decking is expensive, from when its bought and fitted to on-going maintenance costs. costs up to a third of the price and requires no costly maintenance materials to keep it looking its best. Beautiful appearance – synthetic teak decking for boats has the good looks of teak, and is available in over 30 different shade combinations. Whether you want your deck to look new or prefer a weathered appearance, simply find the ideal 

The best Synthetic teak TEAK decking PlasDECK? MAINTENANCE. Did you get used to real teak? Forget about continuous and expensive maintenance and step in the future with us. PlasDECK? artificial teak looks like real wood and if it gets dirty it can be cleaned of any kind of dirt, including fish blood. It is cleanded with any high-pressure cleaner. We can install artificial teak as authorized installers or we can send finished segments so you can do it yourself.

Why Synthetic- Synthetic Teak Decking and Flooring Installation Skene Marine is Ontario and Toronto's largest installer of PlasDECK from Plasteak, a synthetic teak decking. PlasDECK is a high quality teak wood alternative that is very low maintenance that looks and feels like real teak-Services in Ontario, Toront.

NuTeak Synthetic Marine Teak Decking Rich Look NuTeak But the problem, as any experienced boat owner will tell you, comes in the maintenance. A true teak deck requires constant upkeep to maintain its rich, beautiful appearance. And even with that special care, ordinary teak is vulnerable to stains, nicks, dents, and the damage that constant exposure to sun, wind and salt can bring. synthetic-teak-planks Nuteak gives you all the beauty of a teak deck, but without the stress and expensive maintenance. Virtually indistinguishable from real