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how to remove wax from teak decks

HELP! How do I get citronella candle wax off my teak table!! - Houzz.17 Jun 2015 . I left a citronella candle on my untreated teak table and the sun melted the candle right through the cheap plastic! When I saw I immediately worked to clean off with Simple Green and scrubbed it - however it obviously didn't do anything. Is there anything we can do???? We do not want to stain or t.

How To Clean Teak Furniture - YouTube.1 Aug 2015 . How To Clean Teak Furniture READ MORE: This article will focus on how to clean teak furniture. .

Teak Oil Wood Furniture Finish - Furniture Wax & Polish | The ..Teak Oil is ideal for use on fine garden furniture, teak decks and all on board boat teak. Teak oil will restore, preserve and protect the natural teak wood color, while protecting against fading associated with sunlight. Below we . Step 1: Apply teak oil liberally with a lint free cloth, brush and/or spray onto a clean wood surface.

Northstar Marine group- Services.Cleaning of vessels is done from the hard top / bimini to the water line using only wax / gel coat safe chemicals and equipment that will not mar the surface of your .. Brightwork efforts are generally performed directly by Northstar and range from deep cleaning and sanding natural teak decks and deck furniture to 15 coat.

How to care for teak decks - Tenayatravels.With continued scrubbing these will remove most of the soft grain (pith) of the teak wood thereby dramatically reducing the life of the deck. The only deck ... CAUTION: This solution will strip any wax off of fiberglass surfaces, can streak the HR blue coaming stripe and hull striping, and perhaps attack the Lexan hatches!

How to clean everything - Sailing Magazine.7 Mar 2013 . Cleaning and polishing the hull and deck of your boat will be the biggest job, but it's one that will probably provide the most satisfaction. I like to follow a four-step . Those work fine to remove dirt, but they are harsh enough to remove wax too. This is fine just . Teak decks have a couple of cleaning options.

How to Remove Candle Wax from Wood - How To Clean Stuff.net.Cynthia asked: How do I remove wax from a wooden deck? We had a citronella candle on our composite deck that melted, and some wax fell onto the deck. What is the best way to remove the wax stain from a composite deck? Removing wax from any surface can be tricky if there are grooves or pores for the wax to soak.

Teak Clean – Lat26° - Lat 26 Degrees.Lat 26? Teak Clean is an incredibly effective, deep cleaning teak cleaner. Use for cleaning teak decks, teak furniture, wooden decks and other wooden surfaces whenever needed. It effectively removes dirt, oil grime and most stains without damaging the wood grain. It is easy to use and will not damage surrounding surfac.

Composite Deck Spot Remover - Pour-N-Restore.Pour-N-Restore Composite Deck Spot Remover cleans and captures stains from oil, food grease, cooking oil, wax, wine, algae, transmission fluid, and more.

Maintaining Teak Decks | Professional Boat Care.8 Jun 2011 . In order to understand how to care for your teak deck, it is important to know something about the wood itself. Teak is a very dense hardwood that has an extremely high oil and wax content. These traits . Without regular use the dirt really starts to build up and so regular cleaning is important. Moss growth.

teak deck cleaning guide - Fixtech.not harmful to your skin, or teak deck or any part of your yacht. You can even wash your entire yacht or boat with the same cleaner diluted and even your car. Teakseal does not contain any oil, wax or silicon and is supplied with the right applicator for teak decks only, for other surfaces and gentle washes use an appropriate.

How to clean teak decks | KKMI - KKMI.com.5 Aug 2016 . Make sure the TSP has dissolved into the water (can sit on the bottom of the bucket) and scrub the deck with a soft scrub pad. We recommend you use a 3M product called Doodlebug. There are several levels of softness in these pads; the white is the softest, which is what you want to use. Scrub the teak.

How to Clean Decking - Wood Finishes Direct.13 Feb 2014 . Teak, for example, is widely used for external decks because of its high oil content, making it very weather resistant. It's often best in this case to do nothing to untreated Teak decking for the first year, then apply just one coat of decking oil a year later. The best way of knowing whether a wood is ready for.

A Clean Boat Is a Happy Boat | Marlin Magazine.13 Dec 2012 . he best captains I worked for always kept a clean boat. Of course, they were great fishermen as well, but they really exhibited the complete package when it came to boat care and guest relations. As I moved up to the bridge, I understood that keeping the boat right was key to keeping a job.

Properly Restoring Teak Boats - Web Only Article - Practical Sailor.Every time you scrub the teak, you are removing softer wood, which eventually results in an uneven surface that raises the grain. .. Even if the grain is quite pronounced on laid teak decks, you may be better off living with a cleaned irregular surface than opening Pandora's box by trying to create a perfectly smooth surface.